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Ontario Debt Settlement can now arrange debt management payment plans based on a Financial Capacity Assessment (FCA). We work with each individual client and based on their personal financial situation, come up with a proposal executing the game plan to assist them. Every client is going to have their individual wants and needs, resulting in every client getting their own professional consultant building a package together with them.

Like mentioned in our debt management plan tab, this is a service we provide. We make a simplified payment plan for your debts while also giving you relief from interest costs. This all happens based on a FCA. The goal of financial capability assessment is to evaluate a person’s abilities to manage their money in a way that routinely meets the individual’s basic needs of food, shelter, and clothing. To find out whether you are finically capable of living a stable life, we do an assessment which involves the collection, integration, and interpretation of relevant information from a variety of sources.

The process usually includes:

1. An interview will be set up with you

2. We will be doingbehavioral observations

3. Formal financial capability assessment instruments

4. Records from physicians, psychologists, nurses, social workers, professional counselors, occupational therapists, rehabilitation counselors, and other health care professionals

5. Communication with and from knowledgeable third parties (e.g., family members, friends, non-licensed professionals)

If this something you are looking for, we are here for you. Ontario Debt Settlement works with you ensure you feel comfortable and informed to make this decision for you and your family.


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