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Mortgage Assistance

Like mentioned above, learning to budget leads to a lot of other great financial benefits, one being a higher chance of getting accepted for a mortgage loan. If you are determined to purchase a home while on a debt management program and have been turned down by a traditional bank, there are other mortgage options with us.

The reason for this being is that we strongly believe that everyone deserves their dream home while feeling good financially. Especially since we know that many institutions are a little skeptical to give out loans to people who have been involved with debt programs. Knowing this, we do not want you to be stressed that coming to us may mean you will not be a home owner as soon as you had hoped.

Through our mortgage assistance program, we will have you set up in a way where you can put a down payment on a home, all while keeping up with the monthly payments of your mortgage.

Clients are often told that they need to improve their situation before speaking to a mortgage professional. Here at Ontario Debt Settlement, we understand your situation and work with it regardless. We are a counselling service that helps people manage their money and debt better. We have helped thousands of people in Canada learn how to deal with their debt, build a realistic budget and use credit wisely to reach their goals.

There is no reason why you should not be getting that home you have dreamt for years. Come to Ontario Debt Settlement, and let us be the reason you call yourselves a home owner today!



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