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Debt Management Program

Here at Ontario Debt Settlement we ensure each one of our clients that they will leave our office feeling financially ready to move forward. We work endlessly with you to reduce your interest rates and eliminate late fees. These are two things that will change drastically and leave your pockets feeling elevated.

This all happens by introducing you to our Debt Management Program (DMP). Our DMP, which was designed and crafted by our staff through endless trial and error, will be the solution to your debt. This process happens by combining every single one of your credit card payments into one monthly payment; that is all based on what you can afford and your budget. We will then take this one month payment and distribute the funds to your various creditors. This will be a monthly process. Following this, your debt interest rates are usually reduced to zero. For those creditors who will not fully eliminate your interest, it will usually get substantially reduced.

With following our DMP, that is professionally structured and administered, you will find that there are several advantages that the program will bring to your life. These advantages are far greater that many other forms of debt relief.

Some of the pros include:

  1. Being able to repay your debts more quickly, only having to pay one payment per month, and getting help to rebuild your credit rating when you are done.
  2. All unsecured debt is paid off within 5 years. However, on average it may only take up to 3 years.
  3. Due to your debts being reduced to one monthly payment, creditors will stop harassing you.
  4. You will receive lots of support from us here at Ontario Debt Settlement while you are on this payment program. Including: one-on-one help, budgeting workshops, and credit education.
  5. Peace of mind and less stress about money! You will be able to sleep better at night.
  6. We will offer you help to rebuild your credit rating.
  7. You do not have to worry anymore about selling your home, car, or any other assets.
  8. Only we will know you are on a DMP unlike when you file for bankruptcy or a consumer proposal which are a matter of public record.
  9. All debts included in the DMP are erased from your credit reports 2 years after you finish the program or 6 years after you start (whichever comes first). No other debt relief program is removed from your credit reports this quickly.

Contact us for a free consultation to see if our Debt Management Program is the right fit for you and your family! Here at Ontario Debt Settlement we aim to get you to a debt free point and feeling good and confident to move forward financially.


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